ज़िंदगी की दौड़ 

बढ़े चल, बढ़े चल, सखी मेरे बढे चल
ये ज़िंदगी की दौड़ है , इस दौड़ में बढ़े चल

न जीत का तू मान मार, न हार का तू शोक कर
बढ़े चल, बढ़े चल, बस यूहीं तू बढ़े चल

न हारता कोई, न जीतता कोई,
ये ज़िंदगी की दौड़ है, बस दौड़ता हर कोई

जो जीत की चाह हो, संघर्ष फिर स्वयं से हो
न साध तू लक्ष्य वो, जो तूने तय किया ना हो

जाने अनजाने कब मैं इस दौड़ में दौड़ने लगा पता ही नहीं चला । आज जब थक गया हूँ तो ये सोचता हु मैं क्यूँ दौड़ रहा हु ? किसे पराजित करना चाहता हु पता नहीं ।

ये तो ज़िंदगी की दौड़ है। ये वो दौड़ है जिसमे  कोई जीतता नहीं और कोई हारता भी नहीं । सब दौड़ते है बस।

यहाँ हमेशा कोई ना कोई तुमसे आगे है और तुम हमेशा किसी न किसी से आगे रहोगे । इस दौड़ में लाखों को पीछे छोड़ दोगे तो भी हज़ारों से पीछे ही रह जाओगे ।

यदि पीछे मुड़ के देखोगे तो जीत की ख़ुशी होगी और यदि आगे देखोगे तो हार की हताशा ।
केवल सोच का भेद है, जीत का हर्ष करना है हार का शोक ।

ये एक ऐसी दौड़ है जिसमें सब एक समान शुरूवात नहीं करते, और सबका गंतव्य भी एक सामान  नहीं होता । और इस दौड़ में सब कही ना कही पहुँच ही जाते है ।

जब हर कोई कही न कही पहुँच ही जाता है तो फिर इस दौड़ में सब दुखी क्यूँ होते है ?

ये दुःख का भाव इसलिए होता है क्यूँ की यहाँ दौड़ते हम है, संघर्ष हमारा है, परंतु हमने लक्ष्य किसी और का साधा है ।

क्या ऐसी दौड़ में जीतना सम्भव है ? कदाचित – एक उपाय है ।

ऐसी विकट दौड़ में जीत तभी संभव है जब अकेले दौड़ो । अकेले दौड़ेंगे तो कोई पराजित नहीं कर सकता ।

किंतु अकेले दौड़ना कैसे सम्भव है ?
ये असम्भव भी नहीं है !

लक्ष्य है तो दौड़ है । अपना गंतव्य स्वयं निर्धारित करो । किसी अन्य के लक्ष्य को साध कर दौड़ोगे तो अपनी नहीं, उसकी दौड़ के भागीदार बन जाओगे । और फिर जीत की चाह और हार का भय ।

अपना लक्ष्य स्वयं साधों, अपनी ही दौड़ हो, स्वयं से ही संघर्ष हो, अपना ही आरम्भ स्थल हो और अपना ही विजय पट – और फिर कोई हार का भय ही नहीं होगा ।

Why should we fast

fastingFasting – Is commonly observed in all religions. All religions have recommended fasting for various reasons. I am not getting into debate of ‘religious fasting’.

The point I want to make is: Since every religion advices fasting, there has to be some logic behind fasting – may be scientific, may be physiological or may be psychological.

I believe that fasting makes you mentally strong. It can bring some discipline in your mind and body. It helps you control your senses and emotions.

In my opinion, fasting is like vaccination. The concept of vaccination is that you inject a very small quantity of virus into your body and your mind and body learns how to fight against it. Thus, in future when the Virus attacks your body, your mind and body are fully prepared to fight against the virus. Same is the logic with fasting also. Once in a while we should fast so that our mind and body learns how to behave in a hostile situation, so that mind can learn how to control your senses, emotions, weakness.

Consider this – Lets say you have never ever fasted in your entire life. One day you are in a terrible situation and you can’t find anything to eat. It will be very difficult for you to be normal that day without food. On the other hand if you are some one who regularly fasts, then it would be probably very easy for you to survive one day without food.

Fasting does not really mean – stop eating food. Fasting could be of any type. The idea of fasting should be – Quit something that you feel you cannot live without for 1 day. It could be anything. It could be coffee, beer, smoke, chicken, smart phone… .whatever you feel like.
Live one day without it. It will help you.
For e.g. quit smoking for one day. May be it will help you quit smoking for ever some day when you want to.
Quit coffee / beer for a day. You never know, some day your doctor may advice you for medical reasons and that day this little trick would help.

For once, disassociate fasting with religion and try it. Its amazing.

What is Death?

It makes me wonder what happens to a man after Death!!!!

They say, all matter can be divided into atoms. Atoms can be further sub-divided into electrons, protons and so many things.

Yet, I always wonder why I can move and a piece of Iron can’t. Ultimately, we all are made of electrons and protons only.
What makes me think, what makes me laugh, what makes me cry and why can’t the piece of Iron feel what we humans or animals can feel.

Is it the magical combination of the molecules that differentiates living and non living things? If it is, then will the day come when man would break into that magical formula? Will he be able to make a piece of iron talk, cry, and laugh just as I do? Will he become God?

And one fine day I died. Just Like that.
Electrons still revolve around the protons in my body, like they do in the piece of Iron. I still have the molecules with magical combination inside me that made me cry and suffer all these days. But I don’t move now. I don’t feel cold. I don’t feel hunger.
I see my body burning, but I can not feel the heat I felt before.
I lie still… Just Like the piece of Iron.

Soul is Energy

Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, and so is the Soul.

Lord Krishana has explained the existence of soul in Gita.

As said in the Svetäsvatara Upanishad (5.9) :

बालाग्रशतभागस्य शतधा कल्पितस्य च |
भागो जीवः स विज्ञेयः स चानान्त्यायकाल्पते ||

Which means :
When the upper point of a hair is divided into one hundred parts and again each of such parts is further divided into one hundred parts, each such part is the measurement of the dimension of the soul.”

In modern science that would be of the order of sub-atomic size.

Soul is nothing but energy. It is the energy that keeps us moving. It is the energy by virtue of which we can feel the air, the water, the touch of a body, warmth of the sun, coldness of the moon.
This symptom of the soul’s presence is perceived as individual consciousness.

And when this soul is gone, there is no energy to move, the consciousness of the body is no more. The body can not move, It can not hear, It can not feel.
And this is Death.

Lord Krishna has also said that soul can not be destroyed by any means. It travels from one body to another, without getting older. When it leaves a body, the person is dead and when it attains a different body, a new child is born.
The soul of a human is same as that of an animal or that of a tree or any other living body, let it be the smallest insect on the earth or the fishes in the water.

An analogy can be drawn with a law of modern science – 1st law of thermodynamics.
“Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, but can be transformed from one form to another.”.

I wonder if we could ever prove this scientifically…

Soul is energy.

It can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only be transformed from one form to other. And when this soul is gone, there is no energy to move, the consciousness of the body is no more. The body can not move, It can not hear, It can not feel — And this is Death.

But why does a man die?
Is it inevitable?
Why does the soul leave the body?
Who decides that it is the time for soul to leave a body, and that now is the appropriate time to attain a different body?
Does soul makes this decision?
Can a soul think?
Is there some one who commands the soul?

Soul travels just like any other form of energy. Let it be heat, wind or electricity. Energy always tends to flow from a high potential to low potential.

Every living body can be imagined to exist at a definite energy potential. This potential is dependent on many factors. The value of this potential increases with time. Thus, soul always tries to escape from one body to attain another body with lower potential. However, there is a threshold. A soul can leave only when this barrier is crossed and it tries to attain a body with minimum energy potential. And hence, it always attains the body of a new born.

Since this energy potential is dependent on many factors, some die when they are old and some die when they are young. Some die of natural cause and some die because of disease. Some die on roads and some in wars. Some people kill themselves and some are killed. The rate of change of this energy potential is always positive and hence death is inevitable.

Transformation of energy from one form to another is necessary. This phenomenon makes electricity, quenches thirst and is responsible for functioning of this world. Similarly the soul should travel from one body to other for smooth functioning. This travel of soul from one body to other is just a small part of the big machine that governs this universe.

Hence there is no need to mourn over a dead body, because a new body is born. The soul still lives as it did before.