I’m an Architect – who codes

I am often asked: “Do you still code”?

And I get very uncanny reactions when I answer: “Yes, I do”

Yes, I am Architect who codes. Is that not normal these days?

This is my way of overcoming FOMO (fear of missing out)

I always felt that if I stay away from coding for too long… I will lose the touch with technology.

This was one of the reasons why I chose to return from Singapore to India.

While in Singapore, I worked as a Solution Architect which was mostly a pre-sales job. I barely had any chance to develop anything that created an impact.

I secretly worked on some hobby projects to keep myself engaged…

And this was one of the main reasons why I was successful in that role. (I will write about it some other day)

I returned to India (because this is where home is) and joined the Product development team at SAP.

Your discussion as an Architect, with any stakeholder (be it a developer, customer, or manager) is just so crisp and to the point when you yourself are a developer.

Junior developers cannot beat around the bush and get away in scrum calls 😉

It is also a way of empathizing with the developers in your engineering team. You understand their challenges, their pain, their needs and wants.

Last and the most important – I enjoy coding.