Nationalism is the new Secularism

Nationalism is the new Secularism
Nationalism is the new Secularism

Recently (to be more specific, after BJP came to power) I have noticed many media persons, secular and liberal brigades condemning and demeaning the feeling of ‘Nationalism’.

For e.g. this article by a notorious and biased reporter : Nationalism is the new Hindutva.

They are often seen connoting Nationalism with Hinduism or Hindutva. It seems there is a conscious effort to malign and demean the feeling of nationalism.

And it makes me wonder: What is Nationalism?

In my opinion, Nationalism is an ideology that takes pride in developing, preserving and maintaining a national identity – irrespective of the race, religion, caste or political beliefs.  It often invokes a sense of pride in nations achievements and is commonly linked to patriotism also.

Bapu Ji was Nationalist, so was Chaha, and so was Neta Ji (the real one).

How does it relate to Hindutva? – It DOES NOT. Nationalism has nothing to do with Hindutva. Being a nationalist does not mean being communal.

Nationalism does not mean communalism. Period.

Nationalism is not the responsibility of a single party or religion. Every party – weather it is the ruling party or opposition, must feel proud of its nation. Isn’t that the ulterior motive (at least at the face of it) of forming a political party and fighting election – to make ones country better.

I fail to understand why is nationalism linked with Hindutva. Hindus are not custodians of nationalism. Every Indian citizen must be nationalist. What’s wrong with it.

Liberals and Seculars (pseudo or real) have always fought for equality, irrespective of one’s religion, caste or race. Nationalism is that one feeling that unites us all Indians.

The feeling of nationalism has breached all the boundaries of our socioeconomic background. The rich takes pride in their nation as much as the poor does. The ‘so called’ upper castes love their country as much as every other citizen does.

Mark my words, Nationalism is the new Secularism