Feature_imageSAP ABAP Quiz is an application that helps young IT professionals to prepare for SAP ABAP job interviews and Certifications.

There are many online tutorials to learn ABAP; however, none of them allows the user to take a quiz and to do a self assessment of skills and knowledge. This app is aimed to fulfil that gap.

The SAP ABAP Quiz app has a huge collection of ABAP questions categorized by the topic and difficulty level. We are constantly adding new questions and new quizzes. The users will be notified about the new content via the Google Push notifications.


Take a quiz, learn in the process and assess your knowledge.

Download SAP ABAP Quiz from Google Play store or scan this QR code to download it directly on your Android device.


Desi Jokes

Desi Jokes app is a collection of best Indian jokes.

One fine day, my self and a couple of my friends just decided to spread the joy beyond our friend circle. And this is how the Desi Jokes app was born.

Thanks to the Hanu-Droid framework, the app was developed very quickly. The users are notified whenever a new joke is available.

To get the app, click here.

Android Tips & Tricks

Android Tips and Tricks app give you a full list of Tips and Tricks, Cheat codes, How to Guide and App recommendations for your Android phone.

With this app, you can master your Android phone within minutes using this app. Browse through a list of categories. Click on category, tag to load all related tips

This app gets push notifications when new tips are available. We continuously add new tips and tricks and users are notified via push notifications.

This app also provides app recommendations.

Scan this image to download this app :

Quick SAP Connect

Quick SAP Connect android app allows you to manage your SAP connect details easily.
The app allows you to connect with your team members with just few clicks.
You don’t have to remember the dial in phone numbers or the participant codes of other users.

Just add you team members details once and forget. Later on dial into their room directly with just few clicks

You don’t have to worry about managing the dial in phone numbers. The app can receive push notifications when ever a phone number is changed.

This application is provided for free. Download the app from Google play store

Spellathon for Android

Spellathon is a popular English word game designed and developed to improve your vocabulary.

7 random alphabets are arranged in a hexagon. Goal to is to make words of 4 or more letters. This android app allows you to download new puzzles and play. You Pause game and play later.

This is a offline game. So you don’t need a internet connection to play this game.

This app is available in 2 versions:

  • Free Version – This version is available for free. There is a daily download limit in this version. In this version, the integration with dictionary is not provided.
  • Premium Version – This is a premium version and has no advertisements. There is no download limit and this version has integration with dictionary. So you can see the meaning of words.

Download Free Version

Download Premium Version

SAP Guest Logon

SAP Guest Logon is a One touch logon in your on your SAP-Guest Network. It is SAFE and SECURE SAP Guest Network Logon app for Android.
This application provides you automatic logon into the SAP Guest network in all SAP office locations.

No need to enter your User / Pwd again and again. Just maintain it once and this application will logon whenever you want. You can activate Automatic Logon from extra settings.

This app is completely SAFE and SECURE. The user data (user and password) cannot be stolen even if the device is stolen or lost.
The App validates the security certificates before logging and encrypts that data that cannot be retrieved from a rooted phone.

I wish you were here

Everyday I wake up see,
and I see you’re away,
away from me, how could you be,
so far away..

I want to see you smile,
walk with me in the farms,
make me a pie,
make me sleep in your arms,
while you sing me a song…

I wish I could kiss you,
and make you love,
here in my dreams,
I wait for you here,
How I wish,
How I wish you we’re here…

Educated Fool

I hate myself for what I have become.

After 18 years of formal education, I have reached no where. Achieved nothing. The myth has broken. The silence has spoken. I have been living in a closed room. The doors have opened and I find myself left behind… far behind the world. I see no space for me. I’d rather go back to my room than going and fighting for space in a place that is so different from my dreams.. so close to reality.

I have lived in the cultural diversity of India. I have learned the differences. I love to introspect. I love to study human behavior, the very minute differences that differentiate people. I realize the troughs and crests of any relationship. I know what keeps them going and what separates. I believed I could walk through any valley. What I dreamt turns out be a nightmare.

Jealousy has taken over humbleness. It was something that was buried long long years ago or probably it never prevailed in me. Now, it suddenly spurts out of nowhere. insidious jokes, subtle humor also hurts. I take the very obvious things otherwise. And it happens regularly. I realize that for any relationship to flourish, it needs space to flex muscles. It needs freedom. Taut strings always snap. and broken knees are always easier to mend than broken hearts.

I think my education has taken me nowhere. I still am an orthodox, conservative, backward and psychic .

I think I am an educated fool.

याद करता हूॅं मैं

ये वािदयाॅं, ये बादल, ये खुला आसमाॅं,
इन्हे देख कर तुझे याद करता हूॅं मैं …

ये घटायें, ये फिजाए, ये गुमनाम जंगल,
इनकी तनहाइयों से तेरा ज़िक्र करता हूॅं मैं …

उडी शाख की पत्तियों पे तेरा नाम लिखकर,
तेरी नज्म इन्हे रोज सुनाता हूॅं मैं …

ठहरे हुए पानी मे तेरी तसवीर बना कर,
तेरी परछाइयों से गुफ्तगू करता हूॅं मैं…

फिर एक ख्वाब टूटने के डर से,
कंकर उछाल कर तेरी तसवीर मिटाता हूॅं मैं…

ये झरने, ये  तितलियाँ, ये खामोश किलयाॅंं,
इन्हे देख कर तुझे याद करता हूॅं मैं ||

Longest wait..

I’ve lived a frivolous life,
midst blades and knife,
wandered all around,
In the pursuit for bliss,
come take me in your arms,
i beg for one last kiss,
She awaits me, with her arms wide,
I must consign, and the pain shall subside
my love, my life,
take me and burn me to ashes,
and i shall reincarnate..
to kiss you again…