Predict PNR Status

predict-pnrThe common man in India travels via train. The Indian Railways network is huge and millions of passengers travel everyday. Unfortunately, neither Indian Railways, nor IRCTC has provided good tools to help passengers plan their travel.

While booking tickets, passengers often get waitlisting ticket. Currently there are no means to know if the wait listing ticket will get confirmed or not.

The Predict PNR Status application does exactly that. It can predict if your ticket will be confirmed or not. It can also tell what will be the expected status of your ticket.

Download Predict PNR Status from Google Play Store.

Non-Android users can check : Calculate Probability of Getting confirmed ticket

The unique thing about this utility is that this is also exposed as an API that can be consumed by anyone. So developers who develop apps on other mobile platforms, can use this API to create similar apps.

Developers : Please check the API Details and Pricing for more details.

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