What is Death?

It makes me wonder what happens to a man after Death!!!!

They say, all matter can be divided into atoms. Atoms can be further sub-divided into electrons, protons and so many things.

Yet, I always wonder why I can move and a piece of Iron can’t. Ultimately, we all are made of electrons and protons only.
What makes me think, what makes me laugh, what makes me cry and why can’t the piece of Iron feel what we humans or animals can feel.

Is it the magical combination of the molecules that differentiates living and non living things? If it is, then will the day come when man would break into that magical formula? Will he be able to make a piece of iron talk, cry, and laugh just as I do? Will he become God?

And one fine day I died. Just Like that.
Electrons still revolve around the protons in my body, like they do in the piece of Iron. I still have the molecules with magical combination inside me that made me cry and suffer all these days. But I don’t move now. I don’t feel cold. I don’t feel hunger.
I see my body burning, but I can not feel the heat I felt before.
I lie still… Just Like the piece of Iron.