Why people vote for money

This happened a couple of weeks ago …

A group of “middle-aged” guys were discussing the usual politics stuff.
Some were supporting BJP and some AAP… No one was talking is favor of Congress and Gandhi family. I was not surprised. 😉

Slowly the topic of discussion changed  to “Why people vote for money / liquor / Saree / TV etc”. Almost everyone in the group had same opinion that those who vote for money are uneducated, fools, selfish, traitors etc.

Suresh who was quiet for most of the discussion had a different (and interesting) opinion about this.

Suresh : Guys, how many shopping malls are there in the vicinity ?
Junta : Around 4 – 5
Suresh : Where do you go to buy your groceries most often ?
Some said ‘XYZ’, some said ‘ABC’ etc
Suresh : Why don’t you go to the grocery store at the end of your street ?
Most common answer was : “We get good discounts in that mall”
Next common answer was : “I go to that mall so that we can have nice food also”

Suresh : You will only save a couple of hundred rupees every week by going to the malls where discounts are offered on groceries.
In order to save those few hundred rupees, you will avoid going to street grocery shops.
People like you are the reason why we have so much traffic on the roads. People like you are the reason why fuel prices are high. People like you are the reason why the pollution in the city is high.

Answer honestly, are you not creating more problems for the city/county just to save few hundred rupees ?
Can you not really afford to spend few hundred rupees extra for the good of this country ? You can. But you still want to save those few hundred rupees.

We might not vote for money, but in order to “save” few hundred rupees we do more bad than good to the country.
So, how can we expect that a person who earns only a couple of thousand rupees in a month will vote responsibly. He has an opportunity to earn some money. Why should he let it go ?

If I give you 3000 rupees in a month and ask you to commute to office by public transport instead of you car… will you do it ?

Point is everyone is Selfish.
No-body votes for a “bigger cause”. People vote for themselves.

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